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American Art Review
American Art Review 1998
"The Pennsylvania Impressionists." American Art Review 10, no. 1 (February 1998), pp. 154-161. Excerpted from the exhibition catalogue.
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Berman 1994
Berman, Ann. "Art Notebook: Bucks County Impressionists." Architectural Digest (November 1994), pp. 58, 64, 68, 77-78.
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Cook 1994
Cook, Peter G. John Folinsbee. New York: Kubaba Books, 1994.
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Donohoe 1995
Donohoe, Victoria. "Along the Road from Impressionist to Modernist in Bucks County Gallery Show." Philadelphia Inquirer, May 28, 1995, BC4.
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Force 1995
Force, Debra. An American Tradition: The Pennsylvania Impressionists. New York: Beacon Hill Fine Art, 1995. Exhibition catalogue.
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Murphy 1994
Murphy, Deborah. "Folinsbee book informative, amusing." Review of John Folinsbee, by Peter Cook. Times Record, September 1, 1994, p. 20.
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Paolino 1994
Paolino, Tammy. "Rendering a World Full of Hope." Review of John Folinsbee, by Peter Cook. Time Off (Princeton Packet), May 13-22, 1994, pp. 3, 18-19.
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Reed 1994
Reed, Melissa A. "John Folinsbee: A Traditional Painter Amidst Modernist Trends." Yale University, 1994. Senior Thesis.
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Stricker 1990
Stricker, Michele Pavon. John Folinsbee: Following His Own Course. Philadelphia: Newman Galleries, 1990. Exhibition catalogue.
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Town Topics
Town Topics 1994
"Newly Published Book on Artist John Folinsbee Is A Tribute by His Late Son-in-Law Peter Cook." Review of John Folinsbee, by Peter Cook. Town Topics (Princeton, NJ), April 20, 1994, pp. 20, 21.
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Winter 1994
Winter, Hillary. "The life and art of John Folinsbee." Review of John Folinsbee, by Peter Cook. The Times, May 22, 1994, pp. DD4-5.
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